Friday, September 28, 2012

snippets about Vanya, found on the web

In the White Pages, Vanya is listed as:

Vanya J Franck

338 W 49th St
New YorkNY 10019-7398

Her old phone number was 212-246-1440

I wonder what the J was for? I don't remember Vanya telling me that. Her birth name was Rosemary Palin.

A Yahoo Group set up by Vanya's old friend, Dan Washburn for friends of Vanya's

Snippets about Vanya, found on the web.


Lady at the Ball
Mrs. Mem Strang(Understudy)
Mrs. Marjorie Hasseltine(Understudy)


Woman Doctor

A comment here by Barbara Schacker

I love your poetry! I think you under-rate yourself---it is really not just the ordinary, not at all. I have published a beautiful book of poetry for Vanya Franck. How about I create a book of all your "lost poetry" perhaps with Evelyne's paintings or mosaics...?
Posted by: Barbara Schacker [TypeKey Profile Page] at April 8, 2012 06:55 PM

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