Friday, September 28, 2012

Vanya's family

Vanya's mother

Beatrigs Kerle

Vanya's father
Cecil Gordon Palin

Vanya's sister, Esther Schofield

 Photo credit: tedschof
Sketches of Esther by Vanya's nephew, Ted Schofield

Photograph of Esther, taken by her son, Vanya's nephew, Wood Schofield.
Wood's children and Vanya's great nephew's and great nieces, from left to right Hughie, Chatty, Immy and Guy.I can see a resemblance in Hughie to his great aunt, Vanya (aka Rosemary Palin)

Donway staffFrom left to right:Jaren McLeod, Rev Jennifer Palin,Daniel Rubinoff, Alcina Chiu
Rev. Jennifer Palin, M.A., M.Ed., M.Div.Minister For Rev. Jennifer Palin, ministry is a calling to allow herself to be inspired and re-inspired every day by God's Spirit. Since the Spirit "blows where it will", her life has been varied, with the Spirit leading her to work with many different peoples, but a common thread has been visioning and working towards justice, wholeness and integrity for all of God's people, especially lifting up for care those who have been oppressed and marginalized. Her vision for the church is a place and a people who allow themselves to be gathered together by the Spirit's call, to be a community of faith who dare to bear witness when there is hurt in the world, and who dare to testify on behalf of God's loving good news that hurts can be healed and abundant life for all people can be made real. Jesus showed us The Way. Our calling is to follow.  

Vanya's niece, Elaine Schofield

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